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Institute of Islamic Jurisprudence with comprehensions of all schools: 11 months

Islamic Jurisprudence is part and parcel of the Holy Quran and Prophetic Sayings (Hadeeth) being the reference in Islamic legislation. The Prophet’s Sayings show the importance of Islamic Jurisprudence being derived from Holy Quran Surah 9, Ayah 122: “to obtain understanding in the religion”. Building upon that foundation, the university adopted this course in 1437-1438 H corresponding to 2016-2017. The following syllabus and modules are prescribed for the course:

  1. Memorization of all Islamic Jurisprudence Texts of all Schools.
  2. Memorizations of articles on Islamic Jurisprudence with all schools, and making presentations on the same on weekly basis in weekend residential Islamic School.
  3. Comprehension of texts in circulation for each school of Islamic Jurisprudence. For example, in Hanafi School of Jurisprudence:
  4. Memorizing and comprehending Al-Qaddoori Textbook.
  5. Comprehending the textbooks: Noor Al-Eedhaah, Shara Al-Wiqayah, Al-Hidayah, Rahmatul Ommah in Ikhtilaaf Al-Aimmah.

The same pattern applies to other Jurisprudence schools of Shafiee, Maleiki, and Hanbali.

The university’s policy is to protect the Muslim nation from dispersion and division. This course has helped tremendously in alleviating tension and confusion. Students are familiarized with the opinions of all Jurisprudence Scholars and understand the responsibility they have towards the Muslim society.