Institute of Sayyadina Abu Huraiarah

Institute of Sayyadina Abu Huraiarahرضي الله عنه memorization of the two holy books of Prophet’s sayings (Prophetic tradition-Hadees Shareef: Sahih Bukhari & Sahih Muslim) in 11 months.

Upon completion of Holy Qur’an Sciences comprehension, the idea of memorizing the two Sahihs of Hadith came into being for the first time in India in our university. Graduates of Arabic Languages Competency Institute are offered the memorization of the two Holy books of Prophet’s Sayings’ Programme where learners joining the course start with memorizing the 40 Nawawi Hadeeth. Once the 40 Hadeeths are memorized in four days, the stage of memorizing the two holy books of Prophet’s Sayings (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) begins. Initially students are assigned 14 Hadeeths a day for memorization. With 14 Hadeeths being memorized easily on daily basis, the number of Hadeeths was increased to 30 per day. Hence, the two holy books of Prophet’s sayings (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) comprising 3990 Hadeeths are memorized within 11 months.

Eminent Scholars and Figures in the society were surprised by such incredible achievement with reference to Islamic education. For this purpose, the university organized a function on 13 Shaban 1434 corresponding to 23 June 2013 to honor the students of this session. There was a sense of satisfaction towards this great step and endeavor by Professor Syed Jahangir, founder of the university.